Corporate Liaison & Audio-Visual Technician

Greg Ross is the former head editor for Warner Brother’s owned DC Comics Online, making him a rare connection in the entertainment industry.  At DC, he was in charge of the ins and outs of what creatively and technically represented DC comics to millions of fans on then internet, and he regularly associated with powerful filmmakers and celebrities of all kinds to promote mega-budget Warner Brothers superhero films.  He has also worked as a video codec and compression technician at one of New York’s most successful video production houses, making him an expert in the intricacies of film and video delivery formats.  His twenty years experience as an base player and musician has also branched widely into professional audio production.  He is the owner and co-manager of a professional music and audio recording studio, specializing in sound mixing of all kinds.  Greg’s industry nepotism and video and audio talents make him a strong asset to to our company.